This competitive program is designed for the more serious soccer player who is interested in developing their skill level.  This is a traveling league so teams will play 1/2 of their games at home and 1/2 away (all within RI).  The fall season is short with games beginning on September 11th and continuing until the last weekend in October.  All interested players are encouraged sign up but we do require your commitment to be at all games and practices.  Competitive games are played on Sunday afternoons and can expect to also have at least one practice during the week.  You can find out more information about the competitive program on the new JSA website(

Questions about the competitive program?  Contact Chris Cowan at


The primary goal of the competitive program is to foster enjoyment of the game of soccer, while developing individual and team skills and elevating the overall quality of play. Teams are entered in skill-appropriate divisions in the Rhode Island Youth Superliga (RIYSL, a statewide competitive league of over 500 teams.

Competitive games played on either Saturday or Sunday (depending on your division).  Teams typically play four home games at Jamestown Fields and four away games in neighboring communities.  Some teams may elect to enter weekend tournaments in the region.

The Fall season begins in September and lasts for 2 months while the Spring season begins in April and runs through mid-June with games.  However, Spring training begins with weekly indoor skill development sessions in late January.

Given the program’s schedule commitments to other communities, as well as its focus on developing team play, participating in our competitive soccer program requires attendance at all practices and games.


1. To encourage, promote, and improve the competitive skills of JSA’s players and coaches, and to make every effort to identify all JSA players and coaches who would like to be considered for the Competitive Soccer Program.

2.To implant in all participants at the competitive level established ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, and safety.                                                                                  3. To provide an opportunity for JSA players to participate in Rhode Island Youth Soccer Competitive League tournaments, District Competition, ODP play as well as Premier Divisions, and any other competitive play as deemed appropriate.


The RI Superliga has established competitive divisions based on player skill levels to ensure teams are playing against similar teams.  The Anchor Division is for U12 and older and reserved for the players with the highest skill levels. The Classic Division consists of a Gold and Blue sub-division.  Gold teams have players with very strong technical and tactical ability. Blue teams have players with above average technical skills for their age group. The Rhody Division (or white) is for teams with players that have an average level of skill for their age group.

RI Superliga also mandates and ensures compliance that the proper equipment is used and fields are maintained.  Goals are inspected to ensure they are anchored properly.  In addition, Superliga captures game scores for all divisions and posts weekly league standings for U12 and above.  They have established a “goal differential policy” which states that they will not record a final score of more than a 4 goal differential and action will be taken if the winning score is more than a 6 goal differential.  The intent here is to maintain an even playing field within the division and encourage good sportsmanship.  They even give guidelines to coaches how to handle situations where their team is dominating.  Coaches and referees in the competitive program have to complete courses to be licensed by the league.